Tell her the truth

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Tell her the truth. Be open about not knowing 100% what to do. That she needs to tell you want she wants so you can be a good partner. She'll really appreciate a nice build up of kissing, cuddling and touching where she wants you to as opposed to her assuming you're overly eager to get to the penetration. .
And buddy, most men last about 4 minutes average, and many shoot in the first 1-2. Admit you don't know how long you'll actually last, but make sure she knows that if you fire early, it's not the end and there will still be plenty more kissing and especially touching her. Get over any disgust at the thought of touching your own *** while touching her after. You've felt it before when jerking off and it's extremely selfish to call it quits just because there's semen down there. (Assuming this is unprotected sex, of course.)

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